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The Virtus Brotherhood is an elite guild loyal to The Republic on the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old republic. 'Originally Virtus was used to describe specifically martial courage but it eventually began to grow and shift to fit the new idea of what manliness meant. No longer did Virtus mean that a person was a brave warrior but it could also mean that he was a good man, someone who did the right thing.'

The Virtus Brotherhood prides itself on being an extremely close-knit community of active, dedicated, friendly, helpful brothers. If you are looking for a guild that places a priority on having a blast, but is still very active and serious about the game, this is your place. We have a very organized guild structure for the purpose of helping our members. There is a somewhat rigorous application process, but once an applicant is accepted into the Brotherhood, they are trusted and respected as much as everyone. We never want any member to feel isolated or excluded. Every aspect of the Brotherhood is aimed at providing a helpful, friendly, fun, and exciting community for every single member. We feel that if any part of our guild has lost that purpose, then it shouldn't exist. Our goal is to create a revolutionary guild that redefines how much a guild can contribute to you having a crazy good time playing a video game.

Mission: Provide an extremely close-knit community, comprised of fun, active, dedicated, friendly, helpful, and supportive members all working together to have fun. Pursue excellence and domination in the galaxy because that is fun, without punishing members when other (real life) things get in the way.

Please note:
  • Much of the following sounds very formal, but I promise you, we do not take ourselves TOO seriously. We're here to have fun, and we assume you are too.
  • Although it is the 'Virtus Brotherhood,' we absolutely do not discriminate by sex, race, age, or any other means of profiling. This applies to membership, opportunities in the guild, and leadership positions. We do however discriminate by maturity, friendliness, helpfulness, and a willingness to embrace the community.
  • The different 'spheres' are intended to give members an opportunity to focus on an area they have an affinity for, they are not required, ever.
  • The following is the structure of the guild we are working towards. As we are currently in a formation stage, much is different. However the same values, ideas, and priorities exist, and we intend to reach this structure in the future.

Check out the recruitment video!!!

Guild Assets

  • Consistently updated website with active forums
  • TS3 server
  • SWTOR webpage
  • If a guild capitol ship, city, or any other purchasable asset for the guild is available (RL money or creds) we WILL have it
  • Other assets revealed upon membership
  • Item/Equipment Bank for all members

Guild Structure

High Council

The High Council consists of a small (no more than 4) oversight board, dedicated to the success of the guild. High Council members are the head of the Council of Truth, and are focused on guild-wide development. The High Council is entrusted with the happiness and satisfaction of the entire guild.

Council of Truth

The Council of Truth consists of High Council members and the Keepers of each sphere of the guild for a maximum of 9 members. These are: The High Council members, Keeper of Strength, Keeper of Prosperity, Keeper of Trust, Keeper of Harmony, and Keeper of Faith. Each Keeper is directly responsible for his/her sphere, and it's success. This Council also makes decisions concerning guild management and development (although every brother has a voice). The Council has frequent meetings to discuss, debate, and vote on pertinent issues for the guild.

Sphere of Strength

Director: Keeper of Strength
Leaders: Guardians of Strength
Membership: Automatic for A/B/C, Selective for E
Divisions: Alpha Force, Brave Force, Chosen Force, Echo Force
Overview: Once an applicant has completed their application phase, they are sorted into Alpha, Brave, or Chosen Force. These forces comprise the main bulk of members, exploring/enjoying/dominating the galaxy. Each force is led by 2 Guardians of Strength, members who have graduated from the Academy of Truth and are dedicated to the success of the brotherhood. Each force has 1 force leader, and 1 assistant force leader, although both are considered full guardians. This is to ensure active lower level leadership is available as often as possible. All 3 of these forces are approximately equal in strength, size, ability, experience, level range, etc. Members from the other spheres of the guild are also equally distributed between forces so that everyone is part of a Force, and so each force has close bonds with experts on every area of the game. Echo Force is led by the Guardian of Virtus, and consists of 8 other elite guild members. These members are ideally the most 'skilled' players. They are ideally PVP oriented, and ready to kick some butt. Echo Force will be the quick response, advanced PVP force entrusted with the brotherhood's constant domination in the galaxy. The Guardian of Virtus is also directly responsible for all PvP aspects of the guild, and leading Virtus’ Forces into battle.

Sphere of Prosperity

Director: Keeper of Prosperity
Leaders: Guardians of Prosperity
Membership: Selective
Divisions: Gathering, Crafting, Treasury
Overview: After the 2 month apprenticeship phase, members with a gathering, crafting, or economic mindset may apply to this sphere. This sphere is dedicated to the guild's 'financial security,' ensuring there is always a healthy bank of both credits and items. Any guild member can ask for a 'loan' of sorts to get them through a rough patch, make an investment, or to use an item for a period of time (especially things like low-medium level armor sets and weapons). Of course, there are no interest rates Wink This sphere supervises that process, and guarantees that possibility is available for members. Members of this sphere should be experts in the economic and equipment aspects of TOR.

Sphere of Trust

Director: Keeper of Trust
Leaders: Guardians of Trust
Membership: Selective
Divisions: Recruitment, Initiation
Overview: Trust is the fundamental value that the Virtus Brotherhood is built on, and this sphere is responsible for maintaining that. Members of this sphere organize the application and initiation phase of membership, and also pursue potential brothers. The recruitment division seeks out potential members, and processes the application phase. The initiation division oversees the initiation phase, guiding new applicants through their 2 week trial period. Members of this sphere should have excellent judgement, and unquestionable integrity. After the 2 month apprenticeship phase, members may express interest in joining this sphere, but membership is by invitation only.

Sphere of Harmony

Director: Keeper of Harmony
Leaders: Guardians of Harmony
Membership: Selective
Divisions: Allies, Adversaries, Social, RP
Overview: Effectively functioning as the 'state department' for the brotherhood, this sphere handles relations with other guilds both hostile and friendly. Ensuring that our guild is represented in the social and RP realms of TOR, and that we are active in the overall TOR community are also the responsibilities of this sphere. After the 2 month apprenticeship phase, members may apply to this sphere. Harmony members should be of the friendly, outgoing, community oriented type. The Harmony sphere also presides over an aspect of the brotherhood which is revealed upon membership.

Sphere of Faith

Director: Keeper of Faith
Leaders: Guardians of Faith
Membership: Selective
Divisions: Internal Relations, Mentorship, Academy of Truth
Overview: The 'HR' department of the brotherhood, Faith members are directly responsible for ensuring that all members are not only satisfied, but enthused with their membership in the brotherhood. The Internal Relations division handles any internal disputes that may arise, monitor guild chat, moderate forums, and plan social events. The Mentorship division oversees the apprenticeship phase of membership, assigning mentors to every new member. The Academy division organizes and runs the Academy of Truth, the guild's leadership laboratory for training all potential Guardians. Members of this sphere should have exceptional 'people skills,' be great negotiators, and have helpful personalities. After the 2 month apprenticeship phase, members may apply to this sphere.

Leadership Structure

Master: Directly responsible for Keepers. Directly responsible for the organizational integrity of the guild. Responsible for guild maintenance, growth, and adaptations. Responsible for the enjoyment and satisfaction of all guild members. Responsible for ensuring that the entire chain of command exists to serve its members, not the other way around. They serve as wise-overseers for the entire guild’s operations.

Keeper: Directly responsible for the Guardians in their chain of command. Directly responsible for the successful operation of their respective sphere. Responsible for the failures, growth, and environment of their sphere. Keepers are the experts in their sphere, and therefore have the liberty to make executive decisions in their respective spheres. Responsible for Council based guild-wise decisions. They have an area of expertise for which they have the most say, but also have a say in all the activities of the guild.

Guardian: Directly responsible for the Brothers in their chain of command. Directly responsible for knowing the status/activity of the Brothers in their chain of command, and notifying their Keeper when such a Brother goes inactive for an extended period of time (very extended) without having let anyone know. Responsible for leading the guild by example. Other responsibilities vary according to sphere/division. Must successfully graduate from the Academy of Truth to be considered for Guardianship. Guardian positions are limited, and each respective Keeper is responsible for filling them.

Brother: Directly responsible for helping out any Brother in need. EVERY member of the brotherhood, including the Masters, is charged with helping a Brother in need if able. On the same note, if you yourself need a hand with anything, don't be afraid to ask. The vision is for every member to be honest about when they need help and when they can offer it, so that guild production/development is always at a maximum, and domination is consistent. This is also part of the camaraderie that makes the Virtus Brotherhood special.


  • Observance of any and all game-wide rules
  • Every single member is expected to be a polite, fair, helpful, and friendly member of the game. No one should EVER have a bad experience with a Virtus Brother. If teaming with one they should at a minimum see them as a good team member. Ideally, they will see all Brothers/Sisters as exceptionally friendly, helpful players. That being said, don’t ever exploit bugs, kill steal, take advantage of others, or do anything that you wouldn’t want someone else doing to you (with the exception of obliterating the enemy)
  • Treatment of all Brothers with equal respect. Joking around/having a good time is a MUST, but it should never come at the expense/detriment of another Brother.
  • Every member is expected to have a CRAZY good time playing the game, and being a Brother.

Phases of Membership

Application Phase
  • General application
  • 1 on 1 interview

Initiation Phase
  • Council interview
  • 2 week trial period
  • Council vote

Apprenticeship Phase
  • Assignment to A/B/C Force
  • 2 month mentorship program (to help you, not bother you)

Fellowship Phase
  • Completion of mentorship program
  • Recognized as a full Brother/Sister
  • Access to all guild benefits/services
  • May now apply for selective membership opportunities

Leadership Phase
  • Must successfully graduate from Academy of Truth
  • Upon graduation, promoted to Wise Brother, which allows you to apply for open Guardian positions
  • Guardians may apply for open Council of Truth positions to be selected by the current council
  • Keepers are selected for High Council at discretion of Masters

Other Information

Brotherhood Compact

The Brotherhood Compact is the living constitution of the guild. Although adaptable, the compact locks in the few matters of organization, structure, procedure, and rules.

Leadership Opportunity

Brotherhood members and leaders operate under an understanding that leadership positions will all be based on a player's ability to execute responsibilities, and to achieve success for the sphere/guild. Time in the guild/seniority plays a small factor in lower level leadership selection, but beyond that, it does not play a role. Personal relationships w/ council members, RL money/resources, race, sex, religion, etc. do not play a role in selection. In game skill/knowledge plays a medium role. Leadership, dedication to the guild, and the ability to produce results are the main factors. We want the organization to be a meritocracy. If you are dedicated, perform, are well liked/respected by all, and can deliver results, we want there to be plenty of opportunity for you. We feel this is possible because of the mutual respect of all members. Just because a member has a leadership position, does not make him ‘better’ than another member. Therefore, even a Brother who once held a leadership position may even decide to yield his position to a more capable subordinate. They know they will always receive the same respect, and opportunities as everyone in the guild. It's not really a 'loss' to be demoted. With that in mind, it really is true that every Brother is a leader, as we all work together to make our guild the best it can possibly be.


We take member improvement and beating up on the enemy very seriously, but only to the point where it enhances the game experience. The point in taking some things in the game seriously is that it's a role-playing game, and it is fun to play it that way many times. However, we all have real lives too, and we fully understand when that takes precedence over your toon. Hopefully, that won't happen right before the boss in a crucial flashpoint. Wink Even if an emergency does steal you away, or a family vacation/business trip/alien invasion keeps you IRL for an entire week, 2 weeks, or however long, we will understand. It would be nice to let us know. alien

Alternate Toons

Policy on player's 'alts' has not yet been officially determined. Please share your thoughts and ideas on the thread for this. Depending on the total number of actual members upon game launch, the policy may alternate. If we have fewer than 100 total members, we will probably allow alts to join the main guild (maximum of 4 alts). If a member is an officer, their alts will only be members. If the guild is larger, or there is any reason that not all of a member's alts can be in the main guild, a sister guild for alts will be created (likely) so that every member's alt needs/wants are met.


While we intend to have a positive relationship with every Republic Guild, we have an even stronger connection with those guilds we officially declare as allies. If your guild is interested in establishing a relationship with us, please contact Night-Echo, RiderKnight, or Universaleric in game.

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