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Post by Night-Echo on Sun Apr 03, 2011 8:01 pm

Preferred Handle/Nickname: Night-Echo, you can just call me Echo. Or Night. Or Night-Echo. Whatevs!
In game toons: Night-Echo/Consular/Sage/50, Nightbanks/Knight/Guardian/37, Nightfight/Trooper/NA/8
Location: NY, USA
Availability: Weekday evenings and weekends minus however long i sleep in
Focus: PvP & leading guild
Strengths: Friendliness, leadership, inspiring people to stop selling death sticks and rethink their lives
Personality: A perfect cross between Gandalf, Obi-Wan, Iron Man, and Bugs Bunny, of course
Brown Nose: Because this is guild is clearly comprised of 1337, glorious, superior genetic specimen
Something Random: This summer I will be jumping out of planes. (Edit: I did, and it was crazy awesome)
Your Space: The world revolves around me. That's a lie. If it does revolve around YOU however, please let us know (i.e. Don't be afraid to be cocky in this section, we want to know what you have to offer)

=====Optional Information (Will not affect membership)=====

Occupation: Student at the moment
Priorities: They just happen to be God/Country/Family/Friends/Work/School/Changing the world/Feeding ewoks
Technical Skills: HTML, CSS, Java, Python (although I am VERY outdated in all of those) + Computer Science
Hobbies: Running, technology, singing
Microphone: Yes

Master Night-Echo
High Council
"There's some good in this world, Mr. Frodo... and it's worth fighting for"
Check out the recruitment video


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