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Application: Xin Kin Moon Empty Application: Xin Kin Moon

Post by Xin Kin on Tue Apr 26, 2011 10:42 pm

Application Form

Preferred Handle/Nickname: Xin Kin or just Xin

In game toons: name/class/advanced class/lvl, name/class/advanced class/lvl- (Xin Kin Moon; Jedi Consular/Shadow)

Location: I live in the USA in Tampa, FL which puts me in the eastern time-zone.
Availability: I tend to work in the evening when my clients comes home so I typically have morning. I tend to put in 3 to 6 hours a day on a norm. On weekends I tend to have more time, but varies depending on real-life obligations and or family need.

Focus: PvP, PvE, RP, economic, social, etc. What is important to you? I enjoy PvE, RP, and PvP in that order, why because at the end of the day the game is typically player vs enviorment or computer which I typically do when playing alone. However, my real passion is RPing which I find I enjoy most within group base on my past experiences. PvP is fun to do on occasions but I don't see it has a particular strong selling point to this game for me.

Strengths: My strengths seem to be loyal and a team player. I don't mind helping others whether it be advise on a build, tactics on a particular mission or quest. I also have been a part of 3 guilds in CoH where I was the one trying to keep us together however life and certain issues tend to pull more weight than the guild itself which lead to those guilds being disbanded.

Personality: I'm a laid back family man, although I don't have any kids at the moment I love my wife and I was very active in sports in my college days. I tend to be a person to think before I speak choosing the right words which is part of the reason why a Jedi Consular is my primary class. I like the diplomatic response rather than always settling issues with a lightsaber. I'm passionate and competitive, I like the thrill of competing in games and enjoying things I love.

Brown Nose: Why do you want to be a part of the Brotherhood? I was PMed by Nightecho and I enjoyed what I saw. I love the organization of this guild and I feel like I have some skill and talent I can bring to the table.

Something Random: Went to school for Computer Animation, and I sale life insurance! (don't ask, but if you really want to know I'll tell you Razz)

Your Space: I'm a artist I love to RP and sketch in my free time.

Occupation: Contractor/ Financial Agent
Priorities: God/family/friends/ministry/career/gaming;art/etc. (I am a spiritual person, and I find there is a lot in the world that science will never be able to explain, God is one of them).
Technical Skills: I am familiar with most artistic programs such as Adobe suites; such After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and programs like Maya and ZBrush
Hobbies: I like to sketch and do character designs
Microphone: Yes, I have a microphone

Xin Kin

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