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Post by fondour on Wed May 04, 2011 8:29 pm

Preferred Handle/Nickname: Fondour/Fon
In game toons: Fondour/Faelan. As to which class I shall go, I have always preferred to play the necessary roles such as tank, healing, and specialty dps [debuffs and the like]
Location: College Station, TX
Availability: Sporadically throughout the day, as desired through the night. I'll be very active given the game lives up to the Bioware name.
Focus: A little bit of everything. Probably PvE and economic.
Strengths: Was a hardcore WoW player through the duration of Burning Crusade and much of WotLK. I was the number one raiding hunter on my server, as well as a tank/healer Paladin. I also was a notable force economically with my professions.
Personality: Rationally relaxed. The one thing I love more than video games is sports.
Brown Nose: I like the initiative in starting early, and am extremely good friends with Yann.
Something Random: My name is derived from medieval fantasies that Yann and I shared in our childhood.
Your Space: Back in my old, prestigious guild in WoW I was the designated recruiter due to my tact and conversation skills.

=====Optional Information (Will not affect membership)=====

Occupation: Possibly a Resident Assistant.
Priorities: Friends/Sports/Video games/Music
Technical Skills: Not entirely incompetent in graphic manipulation.
Hobbies: See priorities.
Microphone: Yes


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