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Post by Havenfield on Sun May 15, 2011 1:52 pm

Preferred Handle/Nickname: Havenfield/ Haven/ Sniff is also acceptable
In game toons: To begin with i'm just going to play a main character Havenfield, any other characters I create will be later because I like to focus on one to get it started before I decide to split myself to another
Location: Plano, TX/ Omaha, NE
Availability: I'll be on whenever is required, mostly throughout the day and parts of the night so long as I don't have PT the next moring.
Focus: I enjoy PvP to a point, so I'll mostly be doing PvE and helping out the guild
Strengths: I've played WoW from beginning until just before cataclysm. I can get along with most of all people even if I might not like them or certain things they do, it never shows. I have good raiding experience and guild officership and leadership experience from leading raids to leading a whole guild. I was a top DPS on my server and can still contribute that through TOR.
Personality: Quiet, dedicated, loyal, respectful, i'm dutiful and extremely reliable to get a job done if someone asks me to help or to do it.
Brown Nose: Night you're awesome ;D but seriously, i think we can make this completely awesome because of how early we're getting this up and ready.
Something Random: I'm about to take my desktop to get repaired because it exploded last summer o.0.
Your Space: I've got plenty of guild and guild-alliance experience due to my previous positions, as well as guild leadership and raiding experience. I also have ROTC leadership and tactics behind me and can help look at many situations.

=====Optional Information (Will not affect membership)=====

Occupation: Desk Receptionist for my Department of Residence Life
Priorities: God, Country, Family and Friends, Education. All of these relate to where i'm going in life.
Technical Skills: PC building, Forum/Website management, Teamspeak management (i had one for a few years), I have been known force throw ewoks at times, but not regularly.
Hobbies: Soccer, Reading,
Microphone: Yes


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