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Post by Zoltar on Sat Oct 15, 2011 11:17 pm

Preferred Handle/Nickname: Id prefer to be called cron but you can just say hey you and I will probably respond.
In game toons: When the game launches I will most likely roll a Trooper Vanguard named Cronicu
Location:Plano Texas
Availability: Whenever I am not at school (every weekend and night most likely)
Focus: PvP, PvE
Strengths: I have a large amount of knowledge when it comes to MMORPGs, I am honest and helpful. I was the guild leader of (while I still played) the 3rd largest guild on Warhammer Online (196 people & 50 active a night) and ran the Warbands for the game most of the time for the Order side, I was also an Alliance leader of the largest alliance on my server.
Personality: I am a nice guy, takes alot to annoy me, I am also very guardian like, I enjoy protecting others(hence me rolling at tank).
Brown Nose: I want to be in the brotherhood because its the best!
Something Random: smegma
Your Space: If you need to know anything about me or have a question you can just shoot me a message here.

=====Optional Information (Will not affect membership)=====

Occupation: Student/Programming Tutor
Priorities: Family, Friends, Feeding my pet kaddu.. rendeer
Technical Skills: Java, and a little bit of C++
Hobbies: Warhammer 40000 tabletop, Computer Games
Microphone: Yes


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